16 July 2011

Hola Com Estas

Hola Com Estas is a daniel johnston covers compilation put together by spanish musician the missing leech. features a variety of interesting recordings of daniel johnston songs. Captain Missouri has one item featured on this disc a mid2010 recording of I Had Lost My Mind.

08 July 2011

the Eye Machine youtube channel


visit the ALIASWHITEROOM EYE MACHINE RECORDINGS YOUTUBE CHANNEL to hear all the online singles I have the time to post for our hip happin recording artists.

Eye Machine Recordings


Eye Machine Recordings is the corporate face of the musical and other ventures of Captain Missouri, a recording artist from Cincinnati Ohio.

we are a part of the Sounds Abound Recording Collective SoundsAbound .

this is our online archive and distribution center. if you the eye machiner are having trouble finding anything leave a comment or email me directly aliaswhiteroom@aol.com

-Captain Missouri
Primary active party,
Eye Machine Recordings.
ps. W A T E R


the recording artists C.Russell Lewis and Captain Missouri comprise the 'band' Brain. they have been recording music together as "Brain" since May 31st, 2008.

see the following BRAINS OWN WEBPAGE