28 December 2011

Show on the New Years Holiday

at 2841 marshall see the delicious likes of:
Blue Feet (synth)listen
Limp Dick Mass (spastic) no tracks online
The Letdown (experimental) listen
Captain Missouri (acoustic) listen
... the performances will commence around 10:30 pm. entry thru back door at no cost.

04 December 2011

brain discography almost fully downloadable

have posted .rar files of all the brain albums. if you dont have the program winrar used to extract the mp3s get it WinRar.

29 November 2011

C. Russell Lewis-Candy Spaceship Involved In A Twirl

On CD and downloadable RAR.
this is the link where you wait for the download
All songs written and recorded by C. Russell Lewis during the summer of 2011

1. Locust Incipience
2. Citadel
3. Tube Amp
4. Ton of Rocks
5. Alabastor Pumpkin Squad I
6. Nervous Mudflies
7. Rise Junk
8. Venom Will Tilt
9. Candy Spaceship Involved In A Twirl
10. Mean Old Odor
11. Sound Made of Rabbit Ears

20 November 2011

eye machine update

an update for november 2011:
-c. russell lewis ep's are available and have been debuted... still not digital at this point so get yourself a copy of the tape
-thats the news for now

11 October 2011

New Informations

Brain and Smile Bomb will be playing at the Brain house, 2841 Marshall, on the nite of 28 October.

We will be distributing a very deluxe "Brain Volume 1 May 2008-2011" CD Compilation at this event.

In the nearest possible future, a C. Russell Lewis solo tape will be released and distributed online/in actual physicality

In a mere matter of days all Eye Machine and Sounds Abound music possible will be posted for download on this website in the RAR form.

-Captain Missouri

16 July 2011

Hola Com Estas

Hola Com Estas is a daniel johnston covers compilation put together by spanish musician the missing leech. features a variety of interesting recordings of daniel johnston songs. Captain Missouri has one item featured on this disc a mid2010 recording of I Had Lost My Mind.

08 July 2011

the Eye Machine youtube channel


visit the ALIASWHITEROOM EYE MACHINE RECORDINGS YOUTUBE CHANNEL to hear all the online singles I have the time to post for our hip happin recording artists.

Eye Machine Recordings


Eye Machine Recordings is the corporate face of the musical and other ventures of Captain Missouri, a recording artist from Cincinnati Ohio.

we are a part of the Sounds Abound Recording Collective SoundsAbound .

this is our online archive and distribution center. if you the eye machiner are having trouble finding anything leave a comment or email me directly aliaswhiteroom@aol.com

-Captain Missouri
Primary active party,
Eye Machine Recordings.
ps. W A T E R


the recording artists C.Russell Lewis and Captain Missouri comprise the 'band' Brain. they have been recording music together as "Brain" since May 31st, 2008.

see the following BRAINS OWN WEBPAGE