24 August 2012

Updates and etcetera

..COMING SOON..(aug 22 2012)
links to the final product will be posted here as they come to fruition

--new MBD full length--
noise/minimal synth/shit pop orchestrated by m b d + recorded by captain missouri on four track tapes at brain house.. featuring mbd on voice/guitar/synth/etc, cm on tape samples/guitar and crl on drums
--Delayed due to constraints--

--hand packaged floppy containing selection of written word/collage from captain missouri--
 consolidation of weird stuff from captain missouri; collage/cut up, written word. edition of 15..

--floppy disk series of international artists--

--Sounds Abound//Eye Machine newsletter published by Nick Wetzel. Will feature Eye Machine catalog pull out, articles by Nick, Andy Roberts, and all the latest SA\\EM music news.--

--newly recorded material from C. Russell Lewis--
long awaited 3rd solo side from brains drum/saxophone operator. 4 tk cassette pop

--debut cassingle from middle school ambient producer Noah Collins: Caribou Pink--
brother of JF Sebastian produces electronic ambient sounds- this is his first cassette release. sleeve by the artist.

--full length tape/cdr release from Catalan songwriter The Missing Leech--
doing an edition of unreleased and new material from maurici ribera's lofi folk project.

--Brain announces outside recording/tour plans--

--Services Expansion--
$$ we offer discounted rates on a variety of services including things like: duplication/conversion/electronics repair/recording/odd jobs/and more.. $$ earning money for: equipment/food/shelter/stuff/travel..

--Chlorine Gunsmoke will now be issued on a floppy disk each month or every other month as well as online. Print off several copies and distribute widely..--

--An audio release from Jordin Goff's Healing Trapeze.. a radio show w/ puppet characters and music.. great concept, coming soon.--


submissions open. deadlines extended Dec 25.

--and more--
not to spoil things with announcements just giving an idea of what we are working on..
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Submission Deadlines

Saturation Saturday and Copy Wrong #2 international comps. Both have had their submission deadlines moved to CHRISTMAS DAY 2012.
A note to those who have submitted already: You are not being ignored--curator has been busy with other things. Please continue to send things in.
As a form of anti-internet-dependency therapy for both us and you, try sending us an actual physical submission rather than just files. Postage is not free, however.

lines of submission:

Eye Machine Recordings
2841 Marshall Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45225