23 February 2012

mar 17, 2012, live show

 note: the date of the show has moved from mar 9 to mar 17
Live Music
The Letdown

March 17, 2012, 930 pm
2841 Marshall,
going west on mlk dr, take a left on riddle road and a left on marshall and we are right after the second curve
up 25 steps and around the back.

19 February 2012

MBD-Anderson Pencil Pusher

Brain's own MBD frmrly known as Blue Feet has released an album, Anderson Pencil Pusher.
Very cool manipulated and sampled stuff.

listen to and download a couple preview tracks
MBD-Mark Twain's Step Brother
         -Large Noises


cds/mp3 versions are available. eyemachinerecordings@yahoo.com
the album will be available on cassette as part of a 4 way split with some similar stuff real soon.

01 February 2012

update feb 1st 2012

february 1st 2012 and its like 70 degrees in cincinnati. we are now on archive.org. links will be posted with the albums on the artist pages. all our tracks will soon be available in the mp3/oggvorbis format, in the public domain, for the duration of that websites existence. all tapes will now be $2 and cds will be $3.

latest release:

this is a track from my next tape Captain Missouri XXX

yours truly,
captain missouri