12 June 2012

Captain Missouri-Taxidermy C20

Captain Missouri-Taxidermy c20

This 20 minute cassette was recorded between February and May 2012 by Captain Missouri. It is pop oriented. Insert w/ full lyrics sheet created June 2012. All tracks available on archive.org for download-here is the tape version. $2 or trade. eyemachinerecordings@yahoo.com

Captain Missouri-Satanic Megachurch CDr

THIS is a compilation cdr produced in an initial run of 7 numerated copies. It contains the entireties of the Captain Missouri cassette tapes Taxidermy, 1000, and Ordinary Pinecone Tricks, and contains selections from the 888 tape. It is 75 minutes long and has 42 tracks. Covers most recorded Captain Missouri solo material July 2011 to present. Have yours for cost of shipping today.. Although all these tracks are downloadable online this is a short run hand made release. Perfect for stereo system listening after you realize the truth about yr laptop speakers. email at eyemachinerecordings@yahoo.com