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DADDY LUTHOR AND THE WARRIOR POETS @ rakes end, cincinnati, dec 28 2012

UNCLE DAVE LEWIS @ rakes end, cincinnati, dec 28 2012

PUSDRAINER @ the brain house, cincinnati, october 27 2012

BIRTHDAYS @ the brain house, Cincinnati, ohio, October 9 2012

@ their basement, Cincinnati Ohio, July 2, 2012

There Are Not Spots/I Get Stoned/Needle and Thread

British Royal Family

You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here

SMOKEBREAK MOUNTAIN @ Brain House, Cincinnati, June 22, 2012

Pigs Don't Live Today BRAIN @ Tone House Music, Cincinnati Ohio, May 18 2012


The Amazing Arbor Boy, Part II

I Saw A Peacock

This Machine, Pills, Fascists

Radiation Fever

Waste, Waste Firewood

Ocean Sits Still

Needle And Thread

Golden Apple Gates

BRAIN Live at their house March 17, 2012

Needle and Thread

Cold Wrapped Symptoms


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