23 March 2012

Brain/The Letdown at Skatopia, March 30th

Brain and The Letdown are heading to Rutland, Ohio on March 30th to play Skatopia!
 Its a large, anarchic festival with skateboarding and live music.



there are directions on their site

got this pertinent infrmation from their site:
Skatopia is open 24/7 and is free. However you will be asked to pitch in on farm chores.
Skatopia is in the middle of nowhere, right outside Rutland, Ohio. There are several ways to get there, but make sure you bring plenty of gas and a printed map with you. DO NOT RELY SOLELY ON A GPS!
On your way to Skatopia, there is an Exxon Station. If you haven’t already, gear up there. A few miles past the Exxon Station, you’ll hit Rutland city limits.
WATCH OUT FOR RUTLAND COPS! The village has 401 people who want you to pay their city bills with speeding tickets. During Bowl Bash and Backwoods Blowout they will setup ILLEGAL blockades and perform ILLEGAL searches. Once you’re out of Rutland, the speed will pick back up.

so if you like skateboarding and music..

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