21 May 2012

Updates, May 2012

-Brain shows coming up all summer long. tentative dates include June 15, June 22, and July 13. Stay tuned.
-If you missed the show at Tone House on May 18, here is some footage from Hat Goblin
-Here is some back stock we'd like to send out to help finance our summer 2012 cassette releases, including the first Copy Wrong Cassette Compilation, the Science cassette, and of course a bunch of other stuff.
-We picked up a new full color copier/printer free of charge and will now be able to do much better on the inserts!

MBD-Anderson Pencil Pusher cdr

Samples manipulated using Audacity. Slimline case with two inserts and a cd.

Free of charge.

 Brain-Volume 1 Compiled Tracks May 2008-May 2011 cdr

The selected favorites of Brain's tapography from this era. Lofi pop, noise, and louder rock stuff. Comes in delux dvd case, is marked numerically, and contains a drawing by C. Russell Lewis.


Captain Missouri and C. Russell Lewis-Rome Hughes EP cdr

Lofi Garage Rock! Numerically marked cd release packaged in paper sleeves wrapped in packing tape.


remember all of our other releases are still available by order! we would prefer trades to cash compensation.
-captain missouri

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