28 June 2012


Acts of Silence review of Captain Missouri-Taxidermy from 6.15.12
"Taxidermy is poor in recording, poor in execution, poor in playing and poor in singing. All of these poor attributes make the ten-song twenty-minute EP so worthwhile to listen to. Captain Missouri taps into the rawness of rock music with songs that grate and surprise shunning the English influxes of Guided By Voices and instead looking to the Appalachian Mountains for inspiration. The coarseness of the recordings is matched note for note with the rough guitar playing and, at times, tricked-out lyrics."

Recent music heroes review of Captain Missouri-Ordinary Pinecone Tricks from 5.30.12
"Captain Missouri (also being known as a half of Brain) hints at the blues tradition which is mixed up with noiseful, even primitivistic guitar twangs and acute, rattling drums. Throughout the course CM exploits lots of electronic devices and manipulates with knobs thereby making up feedback-laden sonic labyrinths. At Sandbox; Children Play Nicely the soundscape gets evolved into a mesmerizing, psychedelic ditty."

Recent music heroes review of Brain-The Dogs from 3.17.12
"The last track The Dogs is a truly demented one, involving and replacing the elements of electronic cuts and warped folk music and looped rhythm sections and sampledelic bits to each other. In a word, it is a weird shit by Captain Missouri, and C. Russel Lewis. In any cases, the more you listen to it the more beloved it gets for the listener. The Dogs Side B is a pop and anti pop album at the same time."

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