29 December 2012

year end bullshit

this is absurd and grossly sentimental but here is a preview of 2013, first published on our facebook profile::

I. we worked until our eyeballs fell out of our heads in the year 2012 in the year 2013 we will be attempting to do the same with our replacement glass eyes 

II. its ok there are more eyes where that came from

III. january 2013 will see written word publications from C. Russell Lewis, Nathan Stapleton, Gilbert Morgan, Captain Missouri, Absalom Burns;

IV. jan 2013 will see tape/cd/download releases of music from artists you are familiar with ++more, Healing Trapeze, Hardon Collider, Schizoid Ops

+releases by MBD, Mold Loaf, + etc on other independent labels

VI. So annoying when people tell you about everything they are planning on doing. Just fucking do it and then make an announcement

VII.  oh and i almost forgot a split live album from BRAIN and ohio natives currently living in washington state, WAN

VIII. Tons more shit (tons)

IX. these queued projects will be completed in the first weeks and months of the year 2013.

X. after this, Captain Missouri plans to slow down work on the label and devote more energy to writing and recording music.... he fears he has become unfocused, possibly losing the plot

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